Why is Lisa Nicole Cloud Honored With an Award?

There is a line in the Bible that says he who without sin shall cast the first stone. It is one of those Bible excerpts that is easy to disregard. But few of us cast as many stones as Lisa Nicole Cloud.


Perhaps it is because it is so exhausting to try to project a perfect family, a perfect love, and a perfect existence. The glass cracks from the pressure alone. As a person gets older, they realize it is not worth the effort to seek a stamp approval and admiration from people who do not matter at the end of the day. That is why much of the Atlanta community are questioning why the Concerned Black Clergy of Metropolitan Atlanta are honoring Married To Medicine reality star Lisa Nicole Cloud Saturday, October 24, 2015 with an award.


Cloud will be the recipient of the Business Award from the CBC. Known for her Women Empowerment Network conference held every year in Atlanta for the weekend of Cloud’s birthday in October, the mission statement for the WEN conference is to bring women together to find their purpose, passion, and power. Cloud’s empowerment behind the scenes of other women has been quite suspect. While many women might actually achieve finding their power within the three days of the workshop, those that have actually seen Cloud operate are not always empowered after the encounter.


This last season of Married To Medicine showed a volatile Cloud who was quick to throw water in fellow cast mate Quad Lunceford’s face, scratching her with glass during a heated discussion. Though many close to Cloud will say that was “acting,” those in production know that Cloud’s true character came to light after she preached so passionately how she would be the one to show women how to behave with class. Cloud was quickly knocked off of her high horse. After Cloud took it upon herself to run a random, unnecessary background check on her friend Lunceford, she did not expect Lunceford to return the favor by digging into her past for dirt as well. When Lunceford revealed the buried skeletons in Cloud’s household such as unpaid taxes, an alleged illegitimate child produced outside of her marriage to Dr. Darren Naugles, Dr. Naugles’ alleged homosexual relationship with a younger man, and a battery charge from Cloud physically attacking her husband, Cloud’s idea of perfection and class was suddenly a train wreck that millions could not turn away from.


Watching Cloud get into a physical altercation with another woman in a restaurant did not scream “women empowerment.” Cloud has been reported to be stand-offish to other women if they are not “on her level” financially, or paying her fee for her business coaching services, or are a sales representative in her network marketing downline, or an employee working for her. Cloud’s achievement in direct sales over the past ten years reportedly made her millions. People question how she and her husband fell $100,000 behind in owing the IRS. That question has yet to be answered. She is rumored to owe quite a few people for unpaid services. However, when guests attend her speaking engagements where she encourages women to uplift one another or fans watch her many YouTube videos showing her affluent lifestyle married to a doctor with two beautiful children, it is difficult to get a clear picture of who the real Cloud is. Fellow Married To Medicine cast mate Toya Bush Harris simply calls her fake.


The woman’s character in her personal life might be uncertain, but Cloud as a business woman is quite clear. She invested what she earned in direct sales into starting her own successful clothing line called the Lisa Nicole Collection that eventually lead to the opening of the very popular Elite Signature Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. Though many are looking at Cloud with a side-eye, the woman is, without question, business savvy and deserving of a Business Award. Cold, methodical, and maybe even a tad crazy, maybe that is what she should teach at her next WEN conference. It appears to be working for her.