Popular Navigation App, Waze, Determines Low Traffic Commute in Atlanta

Thinking about the commute to work every morning might make you feel depressed. Many of us have to travel far to get to our jobs, sitting in heavy traffic for an hour or more, taking up a huge chunk of the day. Driving to and from work eats up time that could be better spent doing something productive. Although you might think that you have the worst morning commute, the popular traffic App, Waze, conducted a study that determined which cities do in fact have the worst commutes. Atlanta drivers should be happy to know they were ranked as having one of the shortest commutes.


Introduction to Waze


If you are not familiar with Waze, it is a navigational app that can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablets, through Apple and Android markets. Millions of people worldwide use the app as an alternative to the standard GPS system. Users love Waze because unlike other navigational apps, their app is very interactive. When driving, users can mark pulled over vehicles, sitting police officers, and objects to look out for on the road, among other things. When you see something that you think other drivers should be aware of, you can mark it on your Waze app. When users do this, they give drivers following the same route an opportunity to stay cautious. In addition to its fun interactive features, Waze is the best at pinpointing the shortest route. Many other navigational apps will provide you with option A, B, or C, estimating the time each route will take. Waze takes you on the shortest route, based on traffic and information sent over through other users. It is no wonder that Waze has so many users worldwide, using the app each and every day.


Waze study


Waze developed a study, which ranked the best and worst cities for driving. They looked at things like safety conditions and time spent commuting. The study looked at traffic patterns from 50 million users of the famous app. Based on the study, Manila in the Philippines was revealed to have the worst traffic commute. Individuals traveling in the city spend about 45 minutes driving to and from work. Following behind, were cities like Indonesia, New York, and Los Angeles. Shorter commutes came from the cities of Madrid, Sao Paulo, and Atlanta.


Atlanta drivers satisfied


The average commute time for drivers in the Atlanta area was 34.1 minutes. Waze was also able to determine that Atlanta drivers are some of the most satisfied with their commute. This places Atlanta ahead of other cities, which were evaluated by the Waze study. Places like Washington D.C., London, and Rome all had a longer daily commute. In addition to commute times, Waze was able to score Atlanta’s driving experience. The city ranked well in traffic, driver services, and socioeconomics. Unfortunately, they did not rank well in road quality, but you can’t win them all! Atlanta drivers did have an overall satisfaction score of 7.4 out of 10.


Other traffic reports


There have been other studies developed in the United States that do not show such positivity in Atlanta. The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings actually found that Atlanta drivers have one of the longest daily commutes in the United States. Tom Tom, another popular GPS company, did its own study and actually found similar results for Atlanta as the ones found through the Waze study.


Although this was one study, based only on people who use the Waze app, it is nice for Atlanta residents to see they do not have it as bad as some other cities. We all complain about our daily commute, even when only traveling a short distance. It would be fun if Waze could develop a study discussing how work zones affect daily commute.


So how long is your average morning commute? Is it better or worse than the average 34.1 minute commute in Atlanta, Georgia? Let us know in the comments section!