Rapper T.I. and Former NBA Player Glen Rice Jr.: Darkness Continues to Lurk

It is believed that certain people come into this world with dark karmic lessons. It does not seem to matter if they turn over a new leaf to be a do-gooder for their remaining time on this planet. Trouble has a way of finding them. Hip hop artist T.I. and former NBA basketball player Glen Rice Jr. are in Atlanta news yet again. Determining if the situations they wind up in are bad choices or karmic debt unpaid, the two men keep coming face to face with fate.


T.I. cannot get a moment of silence. Whether he is being taken into custody for possession of a weapon and/or marijuana, or talking a man from a ledge threatening to plunge to his death in a suicide, or a violent shoot-out in front of his Atlanta restaurant Scales 925, the rapper finds himself having to deal with the authorities. Creator of such hits as About The Money and Rubber Band Man, the Grammy award-winning artist is respected throughout the industry as a businessman, investing his money into construction companies and other ventures. Many cannot help but to wonder how such a smart, young man, wise beyond his 35 years, could have ever been convicted of manufacturing and distributing crack cocaine in 1997, battery of a law enforcement officer and probation violation in 2003, purchase and possession of automatic weapons in 2007, and possession of controlled substances in 2010. The Father of six is the epitome of strength and a great provider for his clan. It saddens T.I.’s fans when they hear darkness steadily lurks around a man who is such an inspiration to millions.


On October 25, 2015 a group of men involved in a heated argument inside of T.I.’s restaurant were asked to leave by the restaurant employees. The rapper was not present to witness the group of men get into an escalated altercation right outside of his establishment. Rounds of gun shots rung, sending innocent by-standers into a frenzy to seek cover. Rice was one of the men involved in the violent shoot-out, resulting in a gun shot wound to his leg. Witnesses reported Rice running from the scene of the crime, bleeding while trying to dispose of a gun down a stairwell. Jumping into a Porsche, Rice fled the scene. The Atlanta authorities pulled the Porsche over to discover a wounded Rice in possession of 240 grams of marijuana and $6,000 on his person.  Had Rice used his Porsche to secure car title loans, he could have secured a much greater amount of cash.


This scene resembles a 2012 incident involving a 9mm pistol. Rice allowed a friend by the name of Steven Pryor to discharge a firearm while driving his Escalade under the influence. When the police pulled the vehicle over, Pryor explained the gun fire was an accident. Rice was charged with permitting unlawful operation of a vehicle. It was reported that Pryor picked Rice up in the Porsche in the October 2015 gun fire incident.


While many young boys dream of one day getting drafted into the NBA, fans cannot wrap their brains around a man who was given the opportunity to play professional basketball to suddenly throw his talents away for a life of guns, weed, and handcuffs. The former Washington Wizards player was fortunate he was able to run from the scene alive. His plans of playing basketball overseas, however, are a wash. The 24-year-old, like T.I., will have time to reflect and choose a different path.


When a “bad boy” decides to change his ways, I often wonder if he still has to pay for those he might of hurt in his darker days. How does karma work exactly? T.I. is clearly a man on the straight and narrow, steering clear of trouble, but the residue from his past still lingers with shoot-outs and get-away vehicles. Rice, 10 years T.I.’s junior, is creating his karma right now. Sometimes the Universe pays a person’s karmic debt the next day and others receive their payback possibly 20 years later at the most inopportune time. As it is evident, darkness seems to lurk for both T.I. and Rice…still.